In 2006, Melinda Bartling, local Realtor and Entrepreneur, created “Another Staged Home.” At that time, the local real estate market was slow. The truth of the matter was that homes weren’t selling and the houses on the market just didn’t show well. Melinda knew something needed to happen to start moving housing inventory. She knew the answer to the problem was called Home Staging.

Home Staging was Created in 1973

Home Staging isn’t new. Barb Schwarz created the concept of Home Staging in 1973. She created the idea because she knew homes could look better than they did, appeal to more buyers and therefore bring sellers more money.

In 2006, Melinda Bartling tracked Barb down and flew to Chicago to work with her personally – staging homes and learning all of her secrets. The concept of Home Staging was always about using what sellers already had in their homes. It was the goal to give each home a fresh, new appeal. Home Staging is both an art and a science.

Melinda wasted no time in creating a business that would serve not only her Realtor friends in the industry but also home sellers. She took what she learned from Barb, added her own ideas, and created a business that every Realtor needed. Another Staged Home later became Overland Park Home Staging.

A New Concept for Local Real Estate

Melinda created the biggest and busiest Home Staging business in the Kansas City area. She immediately introduced the concept of Home Staging to her fellow Realtor friends. Many agents thought it was a new trend and most Realtors didn’t believe it worked. Nor did they understand it. Even today, many agents tell sellers just to clear all flat surfaces. That is the worst advice an agent can give home sellers to get their home sold.

Results in home sales made believers out of everyone when Melinda’s staged homes started selling really fast. Melinda and her team worked feverishly to prepare homes for the market so they would look better than their competition. Melinda discovered it was all about creating “The Model Home Look” for every house. Even in 2006, it was a proven fact that staged homes sold faster and for more money.

Home Staging is for Occupied Homes

Home Staging was never about furnishing vacant homes as seen so predominantly on HGTV and other similar reality shows. But in 2006, house-flipping wasn’t a thing like it is now.

Melinda not only learned Barb’s concepts and techniques of Home Staging but she also developed an additional 7 Magical Home Staging Secrets that she uses on every home she stages and styles in Overland Park.

Once the market picked back up, Melinda went back to work helping her own sellers sell their homes faster and for more money. But she still stages houses every week. She loves the challenge of working with what you have to make your home look better than your competition.

Whether you want to sell or dwell, Overland Park Home Staging can help you create your home’s best look using your own things.

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