Hiring a Professional Home Stager

There are many reasons for hiring a professional home stager when it’s time to sell your Overland Park home. You have one chance to make a first impression. Selling your home in today’s busy market is your opportunity to make extra money when selling.

At Overland Park Home Staging, we are trained to highlight your home’s greatest features and bring out the best in your home, using your own things.

The Importance in Hiring a Professional Home Stager

Staging and styling a home is imperative when selling in today’s Overland Park real estate market. When you are competing in a beauty contest and price war, Overland Park Home Staging is experienced in helping you compete to win and sell your home in this busy real estate market.

You have one chance to make that 1st impression. Staged homes ALWAYS sell faster and for more money than homes that aren’t staged. A great professional home stager knows how to arrange your furniture to lure the buyers in as well as using the right accessories that won’t distract them once they are there.

Hiring a professional Home Stager will determine how your home looks online and how much traffic your home will get. A lot of thought goes into a Home Staging Styling Session so let your pro do their job. Selling a home isn’t always easy or fun but when you get more money faster – it’s lots of fun!

Once We Professionally Stage your Home, it Will…

  • prepare your home for its “glamour photo shoot”
  • stand out from the other homes online
  • attract those online buyers to want to see your home rather than waiting for them to show up
  • invite and welcome buyers into and through your home
  • look better in person than your competition
  • be exciting for Realtors to show because they know a professionally staged home will show better to their buyers and will help move them forward into making an offer
  • oftentimes appraise at a higher price than a home that wasn’t staged
  • appear to be well maintained and loved
  • identify you as a motivated seller encouraging buyers to make an offer

What’s the Cost?

Home Staging Packages are always FREE for our real estate clients. If you list your home for sale with our real estate partner, Melinda Bartling, we will not only provide you with a one hour walk through Home Staging Consultation for FREE but will also provide you with the follow-up Home Staging and Styling Session at no cost as well. Plus, if you need any extra accessories, we’ve got a warehouse full that can make your home look like a million bucks!

We include this as part of the real estate package because Melinda wants to be sure your home looks the best it can when it comes on the market. That’s why her staged homes sell in 3 days or less, with multiple offers and for thousands over asking price. She’s been doing it for years and knows the reason is because of the way her homes look after they’ve been staged and styled.

Or, we have 2 different packages to choose from:

  • The Home Staging Consultation and
  • Your “Now to WOW!” Home Staging and Styling Session

The Home Staging Consultation

This is your one hour walk through Home Staging Consultation that comes with a written punch list of what you need to do before you put your house on the market. This will answer all of your questions, solve a lot of misconceptions and oftentimes make peace in the family. This is priced at $150.

Your Home Staging and Styling Session

Your “Now to WOW!” Home Staging and Styling Session comes after you’ve completed your punch list from your Home Staging Consultation. This is where we create your look for your Professional Photo Shoot. This session usually takes a couple of hours and is worth it’s weight in gold. It’s where the magic happens. This is priced at $150 as well.

So, for $300, you can not only discover what you need to do to prepare your home for the Home Staging, you will also receive a 1-2 hour Home Staging Styling Session. It’s money in the bank. Cha-ching!

Whatever your needs may be, call or text us at (913) 515-3250 to see how we can turn your home into a HOT property so it sells faster and for more money!