Home Staging Photo Gallery

Here are a few before and after shots from out home staging photo gallery. Since 2006, Overland Park Home Staging has been staging and styling Kansas City homes. We are one of the first home staging companies in Overland Park that is still in existence. Typically, we work with home sellers who are still living in their homes. We work with what you have to create your best home selling, Model Home Look and we never know what we’re walking into. At the same time, we always honor your requests for things you don’t want to be changed in your home. So, whether you’re selling or dwelling, we can help you create a look you’ll love!

Please forgive the quality of some of the following photos. We always use a professional photographer for your Photo Shoot when you list and sell your home with us. These photos were quick before and afters to show you how we work with what you have and what we create from rearranging your own things. We want you to see how you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different ways. Enjoy!

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The family room of my very 1st home staging in 2006 in Chicago, IL and the beginning of my home staging photo gallery!

Remember, I learned home staging from the lady that created the concept in 1973! Yes, there is a concept behind home staging and we still use her strategies with every house we stage!

And that was the beginning of Another Staged Home in 2006. We later changed the name to Overland Park Home Staging!

These are a few of our before and afters!