Home Staging for Vacant Homes

It’s a known fact that homes look better and show better when they are furnished. If you are selling your home and you have already moved out, we can help by providing you with furniture and accessories until your home sells.

Or if your furnishings aren’t showing your home as the best it can be, you should probably move your things out. First impressions are crucial when selling your home and the better it looks, the more money you will get.

Our Rates are typically for 3-4 rooms in the average house. We typically furnish the living or family room, dining room, kitchen and maybe the master bedroom – depending on the floor plan.

Furniture and accessories, based on a 60-day rental fee, which includes the move-in, move-out (truck, movers, delivery), and styling services are priced starting at $1,250+.

If you list your home for sale with us, fees are 50% off.

All fees are payable at the time of staging. Furniture and accessories can be removed at any time when a home is sold with a one-week notice.

Please call or text us at (913) 515-3250 for a FREE Consultation if you need your vacant home staged and sold fast or to discuss your options.


As of January 2024, we are no longer staging vacant homes. Check back if you have a special request. We may pick this service up at a later date.