Creating The Model Home Look that Will Make Your Home Sell Faster

Home staging is all about creating the model home look. You know the look. The look every buyer wants and is willing to pay more money to get. Does your home have the model home look?

If you are selling your house and you want to sell it for the most money possible, it needs to have the model home look. It’s when buyers walk in and sit down and say, “I could live here!” (That is what they do you know). But very few houses have it. Why? It’s not reality. Nobody lives like that. But if that’s what sells and buyers want it, what’s the problem?

You’ve probably heard me say, “The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different ways.” When it’s time to sell, you’ve got to step up to the plate and create your very best model home look. It’s all about making the best first impression. You wouldn’t go on a job interview without looking your very best – would you?

The better your home looks, the more money you will make!

It’s your money!!! What’s so hard to understand about that? And yet, I just finished looking inside 12 new listings to send to some out-of-town buyers and I’m finding myself apologizing for the way these houses look.

The market is screaming for inventory. Does that mean agents and their sellers don’t need to step up and put on a good show? In this market, I’m doing everything double over the top for my sellers because I know buyers will pay big time if they get super emotional about a house. We’re taking advantage and putting on our Sunday best and getting extraordinary prices. It’s time for sellers to reap the rewards. But first, you’ve got to have The Goldilocks Effect!

What are the 3 biggest components of the model home look?

  1. Roomy and spacious
  2. Fresh and stylish
  3. Neat and clean

Do these words describe your house? Probably not. But my home sellers who want more money are willing to create their best model home look so they make more money when selling their home.

All of my sellers go through a process before selling their houses. Once they complete their honey-do list, they hire me to come in and work my magic. None of my sellers have a house that shows like a model when we first meet. But in the end, they all have that model home look whether I bring in furniture and accessories or not. It’s the end result that’s important if you want a fast sale and the most money. My sellers, Rick and Karen, pocketed $12,425 over their asking price back when we weren’t even in “that” kind of market.

When my sellers tell me nobody is going to want to buy their house, that’s when I know everyone is going to want to buy their house when I get done with it. Home staging and styling are what I do best. I call it the model home look. I don’t just list your house, I have a plan to sell it the first day on the market, with multiple offers and for way over the asking price.

If you want more money when selling your home, call or text me at (913) 515-3250. Let’s do this!