Successful Home Staging and Lipstick on a Pig

Home staging and lipstick on a pig go together like peanut butter and jelly. While the whole home staging concept is often very misunderstood, at the end of the day, it’s taking any house and making it look better.

Every day in real estate and home staging is an adventure. You never know what’s going to happen next. After all, it’s dealing with people, their property, opinions, and most importantly – their emotions.

What is Home Staging?

One thing is for sure, home staging starts with preparing your house for sale. The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two very different ways. Throw in a little mindset and you’re halfway there. Once you understand that your home is a product on a shelf, you’re on your way.

Some sellers get it and others don’t. It’s not about you or your house anymore, it’s about your buyer and what they want. My Happy Seller, Gayle said it best in her testimonial about me and my services. Her house had that Goldilocks Effect where everything about it was just right.

There are many steps to the home staging process and it starts where you’re at. It’s not one size fits all even though there are certain things every seller needs to do. But the real process goes very deep. Some houses sell themselves – but most of them don’t.

What’s the Home Staging Process?

As soon as I walk through your front door, I know whether or not your house will sell. It’s that 10 Second Rule! I’m no different than any buyer. A house either has what it takes or it doesn’t. It’s either love at first sight…or it’s not. But that’s where I come into play. I take what you have and turn it into a hot commodity that gets your buyers so emotionally involved they will pay you crazy money because they fall in love and fear losing your house if they don’t buy it now.

The top 3 biggies when selling your home are decluttering, depersonalizing and rearranging what you have to create the right look that will appeal to the largest number of buyers. Once you get the big 3 accomplished, your home must be clean – q-tip clean.

Home Staging and Lipstick on a Pig

Your home’s appearance is of utmost importance. It needs to look like a million bucks and like it’s ready to be sold. Buyers want to see themselves living in your home and it’s hard for them to do that with 20 years of your clutter throughout your house. You see, most buyers don’t have an imagination. They only see what they see, not the way it’s going to be.

In selling your home (and in life) you either make excuses or you get results. Selling a house quickly and for the most money requires a game plan to make it happen. If you’re a smart seller, you understand the concept and importance of home staging and lipstick on a pig. You’re merely creating your home’s best model home look. Other sellers blame the market or their agent. They might want to take a long hard look in the mirror and add a little lipstick. It surely couldn’t hurt.

Selling your home in Overland Park isn’t that hard. But to make the most money you’ve got to create what the buyers want.

If you’d like to create a game plan and add the right shade of lipstick so your house stands out from the rest, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.