Restaging a Home Staging for New Opportunites

Last week a lady called me and hired me for restaging a home staging. When I asked her to explain her situation, she said her house had been staged and she thought it looked awful. She said her agent staged her house, it had been on the market for almost 30 days and she was not happy with the way her house looked online or in person.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is an art and a science.  It’s the most important part of selling your home. Your photos online portray your home stager’s understanding of the home staging concept. Furthermore, your online photos determine whether or not you will have any showings or any offers.

Similarly, Home Staging is about creating the best look for your house that will appeal to the largest number of buyers. Above all else, it’s preparing your home to sell it faster and for more money.

What is restaging a home staging?

Restaging a home staging is typically one of two scenarios:

1) when people move to a new home without removing all their belongings and they get spread out throughout the house and/or

2) when the house has been staged by someone who didn’t understand the concept. I’ve restaged hundreds of homes since 2006.

In this particular situation, these sellers had downsized and had moved out of their house into a smaller condo. What didn’t fit into the condo, they left in the house. The real estate agent they hired to sell their house thought she was a home stager. After all, how hard can it be to put some random pieces of furniture around the house?

The homeowner said that the agent they hired “sold a lot of houses” and she was told the house would be staged before coming on the market. Since they had already moved out of the house and she trusted the agent to do the right thing, they didn’t see the house before they saw it online. They literally freaked out!

Home staging is the most important part of selling your house. It’s your house and your responsibility to have a conversation with your real estate agent about the home selling process and what you can expect – especially when it comes to preparing your home for sale. In addition, all buyers follow the 10-second rule when buying a home.

Home staging case study

I sold a house in Parkville that I listed after it had been on the market for 435 days with another agent. The sellers told me not one agent they had interviewed had mentioned anything about Home Staging.

It’s the first thing I told them after walking through their house. They did everything I asked them to do, I showed up and staged the house and their house SOLD.

The right price will get the buyers to the house but your home staging will get you the offer. Why don’t home sellers understand that concept? It’s not new. Home Staging has been around since 1973. I learned the concept in 2006 from the lady that created home staging. I knew then I could make a difference for home sellers that would sell their home faster and net them more money.

Detailing your house

Today I showed a house that had a dirty front door, peeling paint on the threshold, a dirty master bath shower. Needless to say, I was embarrassed. The buyers made a comment to me about it. Nobody wants to buy a house that’s not ready for the market. All homes should be shown in their best light. Unfortunately, they’re not.

Whether it’s home staging or restaging, you’re under the microscope when selling your home. Buyers will leave one house and come to your house and compare the two houses. If your house isn’t stacking up to The Joneses, you’d better step up your game.

Want more money?

Home Staging or restaging a home staging is the fastest way to not only get your home sold but also get it sold for the most money. Your lack of staging is only costing you your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, too many agents don’t even understand that. I am making a difference in the home selling experience with my home staging concepts.

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