The Successful Golden Rule of Home Staging

Selling your Overland Park home can be very intimidating but if you use the Successful Golden Rule of Home Staging, you’ll get a jump start on your competition. The more information you have, the better you can prepare yourself for what is to come. With an abundance of homes currently on the market that haven’t sold and the addition of new homes coming on every day, how will you win? One of my best tips for Overland Park home sellers is you must follow the Golden Rule of Home Staging.

Selling Your Home is a Beauty Pageant and Price War

Hopefully, by now, you know that selling your home is a beauty pageant and a price war. Your house has to look better than your competition. The first step is your Home Staging – or preparing your home to appeal to the masses.

How Does Your House Look Online?

People tell me all the time that they automatically eliminate homes on the internet by the way they look. Doesn’t that indicate that unless your home looks fabulous online, you are not only hurting your chances of selling your home but also sabotaging your chances of even getting buyers into your home?

Does Home Staging Make a Difference?

I learned a long time ago that Home Staging was the answer to selling homes faster and for more money. When I got into real estate in 1987, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Did I sit around in 1987 thinking that if I had a smart phone and a fabulous looking virtual tour on my website, my listings they would sell so much faster? No. We didn’t have any of those things.

But I always knew houses that looked better sold faster. Perhaps it was from my upbringing. My mom was in design and we always had fabulous homes that were perfectly decorated. I grew up living in House Beautiful.

Home staging has been around since 1973. It has completely changed the way I do business and every home I stage, sells in 3 days or less and for thousands of dollars over asking price.

Are you Ready to Play?

Do yourself a favor and don’t come on the market if you’re not ready. There are plenty of buyers out there but they want the very best in the house they buy. So, listen to your inner instinct. Are you the best house on the market in your area and price range? Does your home look like it stepped out of a magazine? If not, we can help.

What is the Golden Rule of Home Staging?

The Golden Rule of Home Staging is “Do to Your Own Home what You Expect Others to do in the Home You Want to Buy.” In other words, selling your home is not about you. It’s about your buyers and what they want in the house they are going to buy and pay you a boat load of money for.

Does Your Agent Really Care?

If your agent doesn’t believe in Home Staging, I’d seriously get a different agent. I’ve been staging homes since 2006. Granted I was an early adopter but it’s absolutely necessary to sell your home faster and for more money in today’s market. Home Staging is not optional. It’s required.

When you pay attention to the Golden Rule of Home Staging, it will make you thousands of extra dollars. It’s mandatory in today’s busy real estate market. When you give the buyers what they want, you will reap the rewards financially.

I live by the Golden Rule of Home Staging. It’s about your buyers and what will make them happy. The Rule works for me. 100% of the homes I list sell, in 3 days or less. And for thousands over the asking price. Plus I care that you make more money faster when selling your home.

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