Easy Home Staging Secret

Here is one easy home staging secret I use on all of my listings before they come on the market. We stage occupied homes so we work with what you have in your house. I won’t lie, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. But regardless, I always tell people their house will look better for selling than it did when we arrived.

I always say, selling your home is simple, it’s just not easy. After all, buyers will make a decision about your house within 10 seconds of opening the front door. So as a home stager, first impressions are critical for me. I will walk your house over and over making sure everything is “just right.” I call it the Goldilocks Effect.

Another Happy Seller

As my Happy Seller, Gayle Krieger said, “selling your home is a mindset.”

“We were looking for a Realtor that had experience and also did home staging. Our daughter found Melinda on the internet. I contacted Melinda initially to visit with us and look at our house to see what improvements we needed to do for selling our home.

From our first visit, we knew Melinda was the Realtor for us. She gave us some recommendations for improvements to do. The first thing was to get a mindset that we are selling a house, not our home. When we were ready to list we called Melinda. She staged our home and told us she would sell it the first weekend. My husband was not a believer in being able to accomplish that. We sold for over the asking price the first weekend! He is now a believer!

Melinda was very prompt in answering emails, texts, and phone calls. We were moving out of state. Melinda called Realtors in our new location and interviewed them. She found us a great Realtor to buy our next home. We really appreciated that. We highly recommend Melinda.”

My easy home staging secret

Does your house have the Goldilocks effect? Gayle and Jerry’s house did have the Goldilocks effect before I staged it. While I didn’t have to do much, I brought in some accessories to freshen up their look by staging and styling their home to create their best model home look for the buyers.

Their dining room was right inside the front door and was lacking a little style that was necessary for selling. I rearranged the dining room and added some trendy accessories to their dining room table and china cabinet to make things pop.

I also stopped by the garden center on the way to their house and picked out a perfect arrangement that was “just right” to dress up their front porch.

Needless to say, when their house came on the market, everything was “just right.”

It’s about an eye for style

People always tell me I’m very stylish. My reply is, “if I can’t style myself, how can I style your home?” It’s all in the presentation – arranging and accessorizing your home until it’s “just right.” By focusing on your home, getting it “just right” and having a marketing plan that works, I’m able to sell my homes within 3 days of coming on the market. That creates very Happy Sellers!

While I know I can’t help everyone, the sellers I have helped have had great success. It starts with their mindset and my ability to create their Goldilocks effect – making sure everything is “just right.” Remember, you have one chance to make a first impression when selling your home in Overland Park. Is your house “just right?”

If you are ready to create your Goldilocks effect when selling your home in Overland Park, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. Home staging is one small expense you’ll have when selling that will increase your bottom line. If you list your home with us, we will stage your home for FREE!

Home Staging and Emotions

Home Staging and emotions go hand-in-hand when it comes to selling your home. And I’m not talking about your emotions. Until your buyers get emotionally involved with your house, they won’t buy it.

How can you get buyers emotionally invested in your home?

The art of Home staging is designed to allow buyers to see and feel themselves living in your home. And that starts with the 10-second rule.

The right home staging will draw buyers into your home. That’s why it’s so important to follow my simple, 3 step “Now to WOW!” Home Staging process to lure them in.

From Now to WOW!

Do these 3 things if you do nothing else. These things will ensure you’ll be ready for a final Home Staging tweak by a professional like me.

  1. Declutter – you must remove the clutter from your house. I know that’s a hard one but you are preventing your own sale from happening. Just yesterday my buyers said to me, “there’s no way they could be out of here in 30 days.” We eliminated that one from our list of possibilities.
  2. Depersonalize – be sure to remove all of those family photos, collections of beanie babies, etc. Buyers cannot and will not visualize their own family photos and collections in your house if yours are still there. They only see it as your house, they don’t visualize themselves living there.
  3. Rearrange – this is the big one. You’ve got to rearrange your furniture to evoke an emotional feeling from the home buyers. Recently, I had an agent tell me that her buyers are trying to make a decision between one of my houses for sale and one other. She said they sat in the living room to see how they felt in the house. (It’s a good thing I moved furniture into that vacant house).

Closing in on emotions

When I know buyers are showing signs of loving a house, I will be the first to sit down in my favorite room. Inevitably the buyers will join me. That’s when they start getting comfortable and feeling themselves emotionally living in the house. The right furniture in the right places helps draw them in and feel right at home. Too much furniture in the wrong places will create a feeling of claustrophobia. I will be the first to run out the door.

Set yourself up for success when selling your home by helping your home buyers get emotional about your home. They have no memories there. It’s your job to become unemotionally detached in order for your buyers to become emotionally attached. Once you master that concept, you will be on your way to selling your home faster and for the most money possible. That’s also where a great home stager will be worth her weight in gold and will turn your lived-in home into a model home masterpiece.

If you are even considering selling your home, call or text me directly at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here to create emotion that will reap you thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.